Webmaster Toolkit

The Webmaster Toolkit is a tool that allows you to encode/decode in base64. Commonly template designers and authors will encode their copyright footer in to their work to help prevent people from finding and removing it. With this tool you can use it to modify the base64 encoded text. This tool is not meant in any way to facilitate violating terms of use of any templates, software, and so forth. It is up to you as to how to utilize this tool.

I have personally used this tool to recode copyright footers that are in templates. One reason is that some template designers do not have the link to their website open in a new window. By having it open in the same window as my website that takes visitors away from my site. Another issue is alignment. Sometimes I prefer a link to be centered whereas it’s left aligned.

Webmaster Toolkit can also hash plain ASCII text which can be used to hash a new password should you need to reset any password that was hashed using MD5. CMS software such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress passwords are stored as a MDF5 in an SQL database.

This software was designed to run on the Windows OS. However, it has been tested on xUbuntu 11.04 using WINE with no issues. There may be issues with the help file depending on what software you are using to read it. The help file is a CHM file.

There are two versions to download: Installer and Stand-Alone. The installer will install the software on your computer, put a shortcut on your desktop, and put a link in your Start menu. The stand-alone is just the Base64 Encoder/Decoder program and the help file compressed in to a ZIP file.
You can unzip the files and place them on a jump/flash/thumb drive, put them on a CD or any other type of portable media. You can view a screenshot of the software here.

Stand Alone Zip
Setup / Installer

Webmaster Toolkit Portable Download

Webmaster Toolkit Installer Download

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