Simple Text Encryptor v0.15

Simple Text Enctyptor is a simple program that will encrypt and decrypt plain text using 128-bit AES encryption.

This software was designed to run on the Windows OS. However, it has been tested on xUbuntu using WINE with no issues. If you run Simple Text Encryptor on a Linux distro, then there may be issues with the help file depending on what software you are using to read it. The help file is in CHM format.

There are two versions to download: Stand-Alone and Installer. The stand-alone zip is just the Simple Text Encryptor program and the help file compressed in to a zip file. You can unzip the files and place them on a jump/flash/thumb drive, put them on a CD or any other type of portable media. The installer will install the software on your computer, put a shortcut on your desktop, and put a link in your Start menu.

Stand Alone Zip
Setup / Installer
Simple Text Encryptor Portable Zip
Simple Text Encryptor Installer

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