Webmaster Toolkit FAQs

Can I encode files?
No.  If you want content within a file encoded (e.g. a PHP footer) then you’ll have to type or paste in the text you want encoded, click Encode, then copy and paste the encoded text wherever you want it.
Can I get the checksum of a file?
No.  The Webmaster Toolkit was only designed to create an MD5 hash from ASCII text.  It was not designed to be able to get the MD5 checksum from a file.
Is an MD5 hash secure?
Somewhat.  Depending on how secure something is wanted to be, it may be more advisable to utilize SHA-2.
What is the Webmaster Toolkit?
The Webmaster Toolkit is a small program that lets you encode and decode ASCII text in to Base64.  It also allows you to create an MD5 hash from ASCII text.