General Software FAQs

Can I redistribute your software?
Yes and no. The general terms for most of the free software I create is that you may redistribute the free software so long as it is not part of a commercial package. Commercial packaging includes it being part of any bonus, giveaway, or other promotion of a commercial item.

For example, if you are selling software, an e-book, or anything, and want to advertise my software as a bonus then it is expressively forbidden unless you have written permission from me, Nicholas Hillebran. If you want to redistribute the software because you think it’s great and it is not part of any commercial package then yes you may do so.

The only exception to redistribution of software is PLR software.  PLR software may be redistributed per the terms set forth for that software.  I always include clear rights so that there’s no confusion on what is and is not allowed.  If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Do you create custom software or websites?
Currently, I’m not available for designing custom software, websites, or WordPress themes.  Once I get most of my business projects completed and running then this may change.  There are future plans of offering one-on-one website design and development as well as related Internet Marketing services.
Do you install any toolbars
No.  It has become very common for software companies to install browser toolbars and other types of adware on users’ computers.  Even big name companies such as Oracle, current developers of Java, are joining in to try to install useless toolbars.

I do have plans of developing some free software in the future that may contains advertisements.  However, the advertisements will not interfere with using the software.  It will be akin to seeing a small banner ad within the software.  I do not believe in installing toolbars or other intrusive software on end users’ computer.  While there’s lots of money that can be made from it, I see it as very unprofessional as well as too much of a security risk for the end users’ computer.