Photo of Nicholas P. HillebranMy name is Nick Hillebran and I’m a 37 year-old author, publisher, web designer, software developer, and Internet Marketer living in south Louisiana.  I’ve been online since around 1995 or so.  I got my own Internet connection in October of 1997.  I started teaching myself to design websites with Netscape Composer, a WYSIWYG editor that was part of the Netscape suite.

I progressed from simple HTML pages to using CGI/Perl scripts and then on to mainly utilizing PHP scripts.  I’ve utilized various CMSes (Content Management Systems) over the years such as Joomla, WordPress, XOOPs, PHP-Nuke, and Subdreamer (not recommended for security reasons) to name a few.  I’ve also utilized the major php-based forum software such as vBulletin, phpBB, and SMF.

A few years ago I made the jump from Joomla to WordPress.  While I still think that Joomla is a great CMS, all of my development efforts now primarily focus on WordPress.  When done right, one can quickly and easily set up a secure WordPress website.

I use commercial desktop software such as Fusion 2.5 Developer and NeoBook (along with NeoDBPro) to create Windows-based applications. I have thought about using cross platform frameworks such as Qt, however, that will be much further down the line.

I use Fusion 2.5 Developer and NeoBook as opposed to Qt or .NET because they’re fairly easy to learn and I’m able to crank out software with a minimal learning curve.  I have tried many times over the years to learn .NET, however, I always hit roadblocks.  I’m not opposed to writing code by hand.  I often write HTML5, CSS, and some PHP by hand in Notepad++.

In October of 2000 I started KnowNothing.Net, which deals with exposing questionable companies and individuals.  The website primarily focuses on teaching others how to research a company before doing business with them.  Books that I’m writing will teach others how to not only investigate a company using primarily free software and resource but also how to fight back against a company when they have been ripped off.  I have spent almost two decades doing legal research.  My primary focus has been consumer law.

If you have any ideas of software that you’d like to see created then feel free to contact me.  If the software already exists and wouldn’t warrant me creating it then I’ll refer you to the existing software.